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Steve Rowe - Ben - Cheng

Colchester Regional 9/3/24

Round 4

Ben played quite well in the tounament. He beat Steve in round 2.

Unfortualty there is not a transcript of this game.

The transcript opposite is from the game that he lost.

After move 11

The game was lost quite early on. The diagrams to the left show the position before and after move 12.

After move 12

Ben's move 12 allows Steve a quiet moves at D6, G5 and F5. Quiet moves are something that you should try to create for yourself and try to avoid creating them for you opponent.

After move 18 it is looking very white!

Steve is worried that he may get wiped out here.

He took an edge piece at D8 to avoid this.

Overall Ben played well in his first tournament. I have highlighted a mistake here so that he and anyone else reading this can learn from it.

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