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Steve Rowe - Hailey Cheng

Colchester Regional 9.3.24

Round 6

Hailey played really well at her first regional. The diagram is the transcript of her final game, which she won 33-31.

This is the game after move 27.

Steve has just played G7 setting a trap. If Hailey takes the corner H8 Steve will play H3 and then H1. This gains a corner and most of the H column for Steve.

Hailey did not fall for it.

Hailey did take the corner at move 34.

The position is different now as there is a black disc at F1. If Steve plays at H3 he will also flip the G2 disc allowing Hailey to take the corner at H1!

Steve decided to play it anyway as he did not want to break into white's wall.

This is the position at move 48.

Here Hailey could have played at C8 taking the south edge. However there is a better move at B8. After this Steve is unable to play at C8, so Hailey can take it on her next go.

I would encourage you to play through this game play on a board and see what you can learn.

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