David Beck


David has been playing Othello since 2002 and has represented Great Britain at the World Championships and has directed the World Championships in 2015.

Helen Dexter


Helen is Britain's highest rated female player and represented Great Britain at the World Championships on four occasions.

Ben Pridmore


Ben has represented Great Britain at the world championships. Ben is not only a keen Othelloist but a World memory champion also.

Guy Plowman

Committee member / World Othello Federation President

Imre Leader

Committe member

David Hand

Online Tournaments Officer

Guy is a two time British Champion who has been playing competitively since 1988. He is currently the President of the World Othello Federation and has been the Chair of the British Othello Federation.

Imre has been playing since the 1980s with almost uncountable British Championships to his name and many notable World Championship performances. His influence has been so strong that there are openings and game theory that bear his name.

David is one of Europe's top rated players and is responsible for organising of British online tournaments.

Roy Arnold

Committee member


Iain Barrass

Committee member


David Haigh

Committee member

David is responsible for compiling the British ratings 

Stephen Rowe

Committee member


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