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Some random thoughts from the Cambridge Christmas Friendly

The 2022 Cambridge Christmas Tournament was held this Saturday (26th November) at Trinity College, Cambridge University. Train strikes meant that some players couldn't make it but six managed to travel to lock horns.

It was agreed to hold a round robin with an extra round to decide the final standings. Guy Plowman won the swiss with a 5/5 but then lost to Marius Juodele in the final. Imre Leader came third having lost to both Guy and Marius in the round robin but then beating Mark Plowman in the 3rd/4th playoff game. It is worth mentioning the vast improvement in Mark's game as, during the round robin he was unlucky not to get more from his games against the top half of the table showing some skilful survival play. Anya Plowman beat her sister Sophie Plowman in the 5th/6th playoff game.

So, congratulations to Marius on the tournament win and who will now take over from Imre at the top of the British rating list when it is published.

The image below is a fun position from the final game (Guy was black, Marius (to play) was white):

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