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Leader wins Nationals for 16th time

With the inverse of last years score Imre Leader got revenge for losing last years British Nationals to David Hand, but this time round had to see of David Beck in the Final.

The two days were close fought and the top of the pack all dropped games to each other.

Leader beating Beck, Beck beating Plowman and Plowman beating Leader.

As well as Lithuanian newcomer to a British tournament, Marius Juodele complicating the field by taking scalps from Hand and Plowman.

Beck had the best run during the swiss only dropping a game to Leader on day one and then again in the final.

Finalists Beck (left) and Leader

We welcomed British new comers Will Most, Steve Smith and Darren Kelly. We were also joined by Clara Heng from Singapore and Wing Chan from Hong Kong. We hope you all join us again.

Congratulations for Imre for qualifying in first place for the World Cáhampionships in Paris in October as well as Helen Dexter taking the top female spot and Mark Plowman taking the Junior spot. The other two positions will be offered up to the other participants in ranking order. We'll confirm once we've given everyone time to decide if they are able to attend.

You can view the final game on LiveOthello and you can find a video recording of the game including some post game analysis provided by David and Imre on our Facebook page here

Ranking of the 18 players after round 9:

1: 8 pts [671] BECK David (6437) {GBR}

2: 7 pts [671] LEADER Imre (79) {GBR}

[661] JUODELE Marius (943) {LTU}

[640] PLOWMAN Guy (320) {GBR}

5: 6 pts [646] HAND David (2357) {GBR}

6: 5 pts [591] KYTE Bruce (2078) {GBR}

[574] BARRASS Iain (2047) {GBR}

8: 4 pts [563] DEXTER Helen (100002) {GBR}

[544] PRIDMORE Ben (4019) {GBR}

[542] PLOWMAN Luke (2069) {GBR}

[517] ARNOLD Roy (2006) {GBR}

[479] PLOWMAN Mark (100027) {GBR}

[477] SMITH Steve (100058) {GBR}

[451] KELLY Darren (100059) {GBR}

15: 3 pts [471] HENG Li Ying Clara (250067) {SGP}

[441] CHAN Cheuk Wing (4123) {HKG}

17: 2 pts [331] PLOWMAN Sophie (100042) {GBR}

18: 0 pt [337] -Most Will (100057) {GBR}

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