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AGM Puzzle. test your wits

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

During todays Annual General Meeting the following position was provided as a puzzle to break the proceedings up.

Only one participant was able to identify the correct move for White, congratulations Iain Barrass!

Can you find Whites correct move?

Scroll down for the answer.

More details on the outcomes from the AGM will follow soon.



...Its A7!

You might be tempted to play A4 to try to grab the pieces at E4 and C6 to gain control of the diagonal but it won't work because Black can take B3 and claim access back.

If you play A7 you might think that Black can just attack the corner at A6 but now Whites A4 move does secure the diagonal and Black cant gain access without white being able to defend it.

If Black follows up A7 with A8, white wedges at A6 and then follows Black round the board for an easy tempo/parity win.

Most people in the meeting opted for the drawing C2 move.

Hope you like it!

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