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A Bake-off we're into

The British Othello Federation is supporting Giuseppe Dell'anno in this years bake-off on Channel 4 after we spotted his flipping fantastic creation appear this week.

Giuseppe's 'Reversi ' board looks amazing and we're wondering if he'll take commissions?! Though he will have to make sure he names it correctly for us :)

We also couldn't help ourselves analysing the 6x6 board position provided and although we haven't yet worked out if it is legal position? and we're feeling a little out of our 8x8 comfort zone. Its White to play (note a previous version of this post missed a disc on E5! making it blacks turn) and its looking pretty close, Black with perhaps more mobility but White able to take the A6 corner Black not able to wedge at C6 and White able to secure all of the south west region.

Position after A6

We personally would have given Giuseppe star baker for the week and we're not sure how he might be able to top this one for the rest of the series!

Check out Episode 2 of Series 5 of the Great British bake-off (around 45 minutes onwards) if you want to catch Giuseppe in action.

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1 comentario

David Beck
David Beck
01 oct 2021

Pretty sure after looking at the position more its a White win.

Me gusta
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